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Setting the MOOD…

MOOD Playlist works by first analysing your mood profile, which you input by dragging the play icon along around the screen at the bottom of the home page.

There are two metrics used in your mood profile: energy and valence. The energy is indicated horizontally, so moving the play icon further left would indicate low energy, while moving the play icon further right would indicate high energy.

The valence (how happy you want your playlist to sound) is indicated vertically, so moving the play icon further up would indicate a more upbeat playlist, while moving the play icon further down would indicate a more downbeat playlist.

Adding your taste…

The next step is to analyse your music taste. To do this, you need to login with your Spotify account and then select 5 artists that you want to define the overall style of your playlist.

In order to use MOOD Playlist, you need a Spotify Premium account with a regular listening history of at least several weeks. This enables us to fetch your favourite artists from Spotify and display them to you for your selection.

Still having issues?

In order to get the best experience, we recommend using Google Chrome on desktop or Android devices, or Safari on iOS devices. Please ensure that cookies are enabled, and that you have disabled any ad-blocking software or extensions.

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